MUST HAVE BEEN SOMETHING IN HIS TACO….Why should we think immigrants from Mexico are any more dangerous than immigrants from other countries? Mickey Kaus offers this explanation:

Part of the answer is [that] citizens of “other backgrounds” do not have any colorable claim that they are living in the land of their “roots,” land then taken by the U.S.. There’s no danger that Koreans on Vermont Avenue will think they have a special pre-1789 entitlement to Koreatown, or desire to reconnect it to its ancient, original status as part of Korea. The more historically valid the Mexican claim that “vast portions” of the Southwest constitute their “homeland,” the more dicey it is to allow such a large chunk of immigration to come from Mexico. True, the fabled “reconquista” is hardly a real threat now. But who can guarantee what future generations will think?

This is a rather baroque fear, no? One more step and we’re in Howard Hughes territory.