TALK RADIO….Erin Aubrey Kaplan comments on Neal Boortz’s recent remark that congresswoman Cynthia McKinney’s new hairdo makes her look like a “ghetto slut” and shows “contempt for the position that she holds and the body that she serves in”:

None of this should matter, of course. Boortz is a relatively minor media figure who, thanks to the McKinney flap, got his 15 minutes. It’s tempting to believe this is an isolated incident, and Boortz even wound up apologizing for his misstep, as McKinney did for hers.

But isolated is just what this isn’t. That any journalist feels free to insult a member of Congress with a blatantly racist and sexist slur on the public airwaves means that we’re all in big trouble. Nor is it likely that Boortz would have said what he said if he didn’t feel there was a critical mass of people prepared to agree with him. The context facilitated the comment.

That’s exactly right. That Boortz said what he said is bad enough, but he wouldn’t have said it if he hadn’t felt that a big part of his audience would cheer him on for it. This, my friends, is the sewer that is conservative talk radio.