DOG BITES MAN, PART 587….Ken Silverstein of Harper’s reports on what happened to CIA analysts who wrote pessimistic field reports from Iraq:

The field reports, known as ?Aardwolfs,? were angrily rejected by the White House. Their author?who I’m told was a highly regarded agency veteran named Gerry Meyer?was soon pushed out of the CIA, in part because his reporting angered the See No Evil crowd within the Bush administration.

….In 2004 Meyer was replaced with a new CIA station chief in Baghdad, who that year filed six Aardwolfs, which, sources told me, were collectively as pessimistic about the situation in Iraq as the ones sent by his predecessor. The station chief finished his assignment in December 2004; he was not fired, but according to one source is now ?a pariah within the system.? Three other former intelligence officials gave me virtually identical accounts, with one saying the ex?station chief was ?treated like shit? and ?farmed out.?

….As has been the case with other people deemed to be insufficiently loyal, the White House went fishing for dirt on the two station chiefs, including information on their political affiliations. ?I spent 30 years at the CIA,? said one former official, ?and no one was ever interested in knowing whether I was a Republican or a Democrat. That changed with this administration. Now you have loyalty tests.?

Am I a bad person if I barely even react to this kind of thing anymore? It’s like reading that, once again, the freeways are crowded this morning.

Only 977 days to go. Only 977 days to go. Only 977 days to go…..