MARK WARNER AND YEARLYKOS….When King Henry VIII of England and King Francis I of France met in 1520, they demonstrated their power and puissance to each other by spending extravagant amounts of money on decorations and furnishings for their courts. In fact, the meeting became known to history as the Field of Cloth of Gold because of the absurdly lavish use by both monarchs of cloth of gold ? which is exactly what it sounds like it is.

Emptywheel suggests that presidential hopeful Mark Warner was following the same strategy at the YearlyKos convention this past weekend:

Warner rented out the entire top of the Stratosphere, with a great spread and bars at every corner. I’ve worked in and out of corporate America for 25 years (and personally witnessed Howard Dean’s phenomenal $40 million burn). And I’ve never been to this kind of truly excessive party. I don’t know whether all the free food and liquor bought our loyalty. I actually never saw the candidate … I was much more interested in meeting the folks from DKos. But who knows whether that was the point? One person suggested the real audience was Hillary, a giant pissing contest over who could blow money with the greatest abandon. “Hillary, money is no object.”

Apparently, the blogosphere is the new Iowa. There are worse ways to travel.

I don’t much like Las Vegas and I don’t much like conventions, but I sort of wish I’d gone to YearlyKos anyway just to see what it was like. Maybe next year. Mainly, though, I wonder what the politicians thought of it. Do they really think the blogosphere is where the action is, or is it, as emptywheel suggests, just the “new Iowa” ? except with speeches about direct democracy and net neutrality instead of ethanol and crop subsidies?

I’m not yet sure about that. But in any case, should I really support a candidate just because he “gets the internet”? Whatever that means? I’m not sure about that either.

Did any of my regular commenters attend YearlyKos? What did you think?