TNR MEETS YEARLYKOS….Ryan Lizza writes about the YearlyKos convention:

Throughout the four-day convention, bloggers, politicians, and reporters circle one another like a trio of underwater species not quite sure who eats whom anymore. The bloggers alternatively ridicule and suck up to the reporters. The politicians prostrate themselves before the bloggers one minute and then roll their eyes at them in off-the-record pow-wows with the “mainstream media” the next. The press smile and yuk it up with the bloggers during the day and escape to decadent, MSM-only meals at night. All three groups seem to agree that everything in their respective spheres is changing because of the blogs, but nobody is quite sure how.

The whole thing is pretty funny. There’s no way of knowing how fair or accurate it is, of course, but it’s certainly the most entertaining piece I’ve read so far about YearlyKos.