ANOTHER CROSSWORD PUZZLE!….I was browsing through my blog files the other day and came across something I’d forgotten about. Back in May Gina Cooper asked me if I’d create a crossword puzzle for the YearlyKos journal she was putting together for the convention. That sounded like fun so I went ahead and did it. However, the journal never came together and eventually the whole thing slipped my mind until I ran across it again yesterday.

But there’s no point in wasting a perfectly good crossword puzzle, is there? So here it is: the unofficial 2007 YearlyKos crossword puzzle. It’s a PDF, so just click the link and print it out. Note that this puzzle is (a) themed, (b) easier than the one I posted last year, and (c) higher in quality, too, since there are no made-up words. There are two slightly obscure words that I couldn’t quite work my way around, but nothing remotely as ridiculous as EAAT or SESSR, which I used in my first puzzle.

Have fun! Answers tomorrow. UPDATE: Solution here.

BY THE WAY: Feel free to chat about the puzzle and impugn my grasp of the English language in comments. Those of you who don’t want to risk seeing any hints should stay away from the comment thread until you’re finished.