MINOR FAME….I saw Wordplay last night and I have to admit that it was pretty mind-boggling to watch those folks solve crossword puzzles. Two minutes! I think it would take me that long to fill in a crossword puzzle even if I were just transcribing the answer key.

Anyway, it got me to thinking that perhaps my next goal in life should be to get someone to make me one of the answers in a New York Times crossword puzzle. The clue could be “Pioneer cat blogger.” This is the kind of minor fame I seek, since actual, serious, major-league fame would do nothing except cause me grief.

What other kinds of minor fame would be cool? To be the response to a Jeopardy question? To have your name mentioned in a favorite author’s novel? What else?

POSTSCRIPT: Oh, and former Times Public Editor Daniel Okrent is a seriously weird dude. He makes Bob Graham’s diary obsession look like a mere personality tic.

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