GITMO….LA Times correspondent Carol Williams, who was one of the reporters kicked out of Guantanamo last week, tells us what it’s like there:

Those of us cleared to cover the prison and war-crimes tribunal learned long ago that there will be a hard-fought battle for every factlet. When unexpected news breaks, like the suicides, the Pentagon’s knee-jerk reflex to thwart coverage reminds me of how Communist officials used to organize Cold War-era propaganda trips for Moscow correspondents but then pull the plug when embarrassing realities intruded.

That should be good for a couple hundred spittle-flecked screeds from the remaining Bush dead-enders in Southern California. But good for her anyway. It’s an apt comparison, and for the folks who scored poorly on the analogy portion of their SATs, no, she isn’t saying that Bush is as bad as Stalin. She’s saying that Bush and the Pentagon have acted disgracefully and permanently sullied our reputation. And she’s right.

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