WHAT THE LEFT DOES BEST….I’ve deliberately ignored the Kos-TNR dustup until now because, really, who needs it? The kindergarten antics are just too depressing.

But this is too spectacular a meltdown to pass up. On Thursday Lee Siegel wrote :

It’s a bizarre phenomenon, the blogosphere….nightmare of populist crudity….hard fascism with a Microsoft face….fascistic forces….beyond the thuggishness, what I despise about so many blogurus, is the frivolity of their “readers.”….The blogosphere’s fanaticism is, in many ways, the triumph of a lack of focus.

And today he’s upset that bloggers reacted badly to this measured and temperate criticism! Wow. Just wow.

(And the effort to ? genuinely, literally ? demonstrate that Markos is a fascist? Triple wow.)

On a broader note ? and yes, I realize I’m spitting into a Cat 5 hurricane here ? here’s a wee bit of perspective for both sides: Kos is an activist, The New Republic is a magazine. Is it really a shocker that Kos acts like an activist and TNR acts like a magazine? Should I consider myself insane because I read and enjoy both?