SPELLING BEE….Here’s a spelling quiz. Which of the following names is most frequently misspelled by bloggers?

  1. Rick Perlstein (aka Pearlstein)

  2. Nick Kristof (aka Kristoff)

  3. Dianne Feinstein (aka Diane)

Answer: a quick search using Google Blog says the answer is Dianne Feinstein, whose name is misspelled 19% of the time. Kristof comes in second at 15% and Perlstein actually does pretty well, clocking in at only 3%.

However, in the nonpolitical realm (or semi-political, perhaps), I’ve found at least one person whose name is spelled incorrectly a whopping 63% of the time. Can you guess who? And can anyone come up with someone whose name is misspelled even more frequently?

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