NOVAK SPEAKS….SORT OF….Robert Novak has a column today in which he reveals two of his three sources for his original Valerie Plame column:

I have revealed Rove’s name because his attorney has divulged the substance of our conversation, though in a form different from my recollection. I have revealed Harlow’s name because he has publicly disclosed his version of our conversation, which also differs from my recollection. My primary source has not come forward to identify himself.

So what is Novak’s recollection of those two conversations? If he’s going to tell us this much, shouldn’t he tell us the rest?

UPDATE: Jeralyn Merritt also points out that Novak’s assertion in today’s column that he got the name “Valerie Plame” from Joe Wilson’s Who’s Who entry doesn’t match his earlier statement that “They thought it was significant, they gave me the name and I used it.” Of course, the Who’s Who story never made sense in the first place, did it? Perhaps Novak might like to revise and extend.

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