THE UNDERCARD….Ed Kilgore writes today about the other primary on August 8: Cynthia McKinney vs. Hank Johnson for the championship of Dekalb County, Georgia.

Aside from money, McKinney has two big political problems. The first is that Georgia has no party registration, and her notoriety may tempt some of the district’s small but significant Republican electorate to cross over….

But her bigger problem is her weakness among the district’s large and growing African-American middle- and upper-middle-class population. They represent the political fulcrum of Dekalb County, and are much more likely to turn out for a runoff than the poorer black voters who have always served as McKinney’s base.

….She has always been fast to play the race card….and there’s no question she will allege a conspiracy to purge her from Congress. McKinney loves conspiracy theories the way a drunk loves a belt of Ten High before breakfast….But my guess is that McKinney has finally run out of luck.

Since Ed is originally from Dekalb County, he probably knows what he’s talking about here. I have a feeling we’re going to (once again) have a McKinney-free Congress when 2007 dawns.

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