CORNER WATCH….Over at NRO, the odious Mark Levin finally figures out an appropriately Swift Boat-ish response to the criticism George Allen is enduring after being caught on tape calling a dark-skinned volunteer for Jim Webb’s campaign “macaca”:

Not one word about the Webb campaign’s dirty trick in having one of its volunteers, camcorder in hand, harrassing Allen as he campaigns around Virginia.

Man, I can’t wait for that to become the talking point du jour among the wingnuts. How dare the Webb campaign videotape Allen at a public speech in front of hundreds of people! What a dirty trick!

(A summary of the macaca controversy is here, in case you haven’t been keeping up. Video here.)

UPDATE: As several commenters pointed out, Levin’s comment is doubly ridiculous because employing people to shadow your opponent’s campaign is standard practice today. Jake provides some amusing detail about Allen’s own shadowing habits:

In fact Allen has two, yes two trackers, who have been following Webb around even before the primary. The odd thing is Allen didn’t have a single tracker following Webb’s primary opponent, Harris Miller.

And one of the trackers had an arrest warrant issued for his arrest because he was super aggressive, even following Webb to the restroom.

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