RAW DATA….My head is spinning over the sheer volume of panicked idiocy that’s erupting among the Republican leadership over the Mark Foley scandal. Did NRCC chairman Tom Reynolds really use a couple dozen small children as props in a press conference in an apparent attempt to discourage reporters from asking him explicit questions about Foley? Words fail me.

So here’s something else to tease your brain. Ruth Davis Konigsberg has been tracking bylines in major national magazines for the last year, and Clara Jeffery summarizes her findings over at MoJo Blog. Here’s the ratio of male to female bylines:

The Atlantic: 3.6 to 1
Harper?s: 7 to 1
The New Yorker: 4 to 1
New York Times Magazine: 2 to 1
Vanity Fair: 2.7 to 1

This has absolutely nothing to do with Mark Foley. But that’s why I’m posting it.

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