PRELIMINARY POOL RESULTS….There are still a bunch of close House races yet to be finalized, but assuming that the candidates currently ahead all go on to win, it means that Democrats will gain 29 seats, for a total of 232. In the Senate it looks like they’ll gain 6 seats, for a total of 51.

Only one person correctly predicted both numbers in our election pool: Zachary Drake, who not only picked the right winning margin, but resisted the temptation to change his guess later because it would mean greater pundit glory to have gotten it right from the start. My kind of guy!

This could change later depending on how recounts go, but for now it looks like Zachary is the odds-on favorite to win the Washington Monthly’s 2006 Crystal Ball Award. Congratulations!

UPDATE: Hold on. Bob G notes correctly that he also chose +29/+6 on Mulligan Day. If these numbers hold up, we have a tie!

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