THE OVEREXAMINED LIFE?….As long as we’re on the subject of Hillary Clinton — and we are on the subject of Hillary Clinton, aren’t we? — Mother Jones has a long cover story by Jack Hitt this month on Hillary as Rorschach Test:

Not since Richard Nixon has the body politic been treated to so many variations on the same person. “The New New Nixon” was introduced with such frequency once upon a time that it became shorthand for a kind of political marketing joke. Hillary has assumed that cultural niche, always inventing a new look and more “humanized” self for each situation. And in turn, we’ve seized upon various elements of her changeling character to shape, a la Daniel Edwards, our own private Hillarys. She is a Cosmo quiz of an enigma, so let’s cut right to the answer key in the back pages and find out what kind of Hillary you see.

The Martha Stewart Hillary….

The Tammy Wynette Hillary….

The Eleanor Roosevelt Hillary….

The Dianne Feinstein Hillary….

The Barbara Boxer Hillary….

The Lisa Simpson Hillary….

The Diana Prince Hillary….

The Lady Macbeth Hillary….

What does it all mean? Read the story to find out! I’ll vote for “Eleanor Roosevelt Hillary” myself.

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