SUNDAY CAT BLOGGING….Many, many thanks to all of you who either left comments or sent email about Jasmine. They are very much appreciated. I also got a few questions along with the condolences, so for all you cataholics out there, here are your questions answered:

What happened?
I don’t know. However, a vet (in comments) tells me that cats don’t get heart attacks and that Jasmine most likely suffered from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. More details here.

How is Inkblot doing?
We’re keeping an eye on him, of course, but the short answer seems to be: fine. In fact, we’re learning the upside of having a doofus cat who never really cared much for company in the first place. As near as I can tell, Inkblot barely even notices that Jasmine is gone. As far as he’s concerned, she just nipped out to the store for a can of cat food a couple of days ago and hasn’t gotten back yet.

This morning he was on the fence watching the Orange County marathon runners go by our house. You can see him in his usual majestic pose below, in a picture taken a couple of hours ago.

Are you going to get another cat?
Yes indeed. Inkblot thinks that he’s plenty of cat all by himself, but we’re accustomed to being a two cat family. We haven’t decided whether to get a kitten or a grown cat yet, but we’ll start looking around soon.