A QUESTION FOR BILL KRISTOL….Bill Kristol, speaking to an imaginary congressman, says we ought to give President Bush’s new strategy in Iraq a chance:

Last fall you called for replacing Rumsfeld. You’ve complained that there weren’t enough troops. What’s more, you’ve heard good things about General David Petraeus from colleagues with military expertise. So now Bush has fired Rumsfeld, put Petraeus in command, and sent in more troops. Maybe this new approach deserves a chance to work?

For anyone who had only those three complaints about our strategy in Iraq, it’s a good point. For the rest of us, not so much.

But let’s turn the question around. Kristol himself is one of the people who have called for firing Rumsfeld, sending more troops to Baghdad, and putting a guy like Petraeus in command. Now Bush has done it. So if it doesn’t work, Bill, what are you going to do? Will you admit that the strategy you endorsed was wrong? Or will you just regroup and blithely insist that it was never implemented the way you wanted?

I’m taking bets.