MORE LIBBY….Hoisted from comments, this is from a reader who says he’s practiced law in the areas of criminal defense and governmental misconduct/civil rights for twenty years. Here’s what he wrote about prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald’s opening statement:

I know, and have friends who know, people that both work in Fitzgerald’s office in Illinois and that have tried cases against Fitzgerald. The book on him (and this is not new, I just want to reaffirm it) is that he is meticulous, reserved and that he NEVER makes claims in opening statements that he cannot absolutely prove up to a jury.

….Given the statements and allegations Fitzgerald has made in his opening statement, and given his reputation for always backing up his statements, if I were Cheney’s attorney, I would absolutely find some way, somehow, whatever it took, to keep him off the stand. It is crystal clear that Fitzgerald is convinced, and I mean strongly convinced, that this whole imbroglio is Cheney’s personal doing….Don’t get me wrong, I would be prepping him to testify, and stating to the world that he looked forward to it; but I guarantee that I would simultaneously be working day and night to find a way to keep him off the stand and away from the trial.

More from Digby:

Norah O’Donnell is asking Andy Card and Leon Panetta if the president is going to have to ask Dick Cheney to resign as a result of what’s being alleged at the Libby Trial. (They both punted.)

Hmmm. This could restore my faith in a just and benevolent God. But it’s probably too good to be true.