BLOGGERS AND CAMPAIGNS….On one level, this whole dustup over the Edwards campaign’s hiring of Amanda Marcotte (Pandagon) and Melissa McEwan (Shakespeare’s Sister) is faintly ridiculous. (Brief summary here.) I mean, did the Edwards people not know what they were getting? All you have to do is read their archives for a couple of hours to realize that both of them write stuff that’s likely to offend some people. Did the Edwards campaign inexplicably fail to do that?

Unfortunately, it might end up being not so ridiculous at all. Bloggers nearly all talk trash, and if Edwards sets a precedent by agreeing that you shouldn’t hire a blogger who’s ever said anything that anyone finds offensive — even for a relatively low-level position — then that’s pretty much it for hiring bloggers. And that would be a shame. I hope they stick to their guns on this and laugh it off. It’ll be forgotten in a couple of days if they do.

For more, see Steve Benen.

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