DOCUMENT DUMP….PART 1….The DOJ document dump is here. I haven’t had a chance to do more than skim randomly through a few of the emails, but one of the most inexplicable cases seems to be that of Margaret Chiara, U.S. Attorney for Michigan’s Western District. A series of emails makes it clear that she was completely blindsided by the request to resign, was never given a reason for being let go, and couldn’t afford the loss of income from being out of work for even a short while. However, the administration’s lies about the mass firings made it even more difficult than usual to find new employment on short notice. Here’s an email to Paul McNulty dated February 1:

FYI: Everyone who knows about my required resignation, (primarily our USA colleagues and people providing references), is astonished that I am being asked to leave. Now that it has been widely reported that departing USAs have either failed to meet performance expectations or that they acted independently rather than follow DOJ/EOUSA directives, the situation is so much worse. You know that I am in neither catagory. This makes me so sad. Why have I been asked to resign? The real reason, especially if true, would be a lot easier to live with.

“Especially if true.” What a plaintive request.

Elsewhere in the dump, Kyle Sampson explains why it would be unwise to allow Bud Cummins to testify before a Senate committee. The email is below (read from the bottom up):

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