THE BRODY FILE….Here’s a bit of criticism directed toward some recent remarks of Rudy Giuliani’s that displayed a certain amount of tolerance toward women who want abortions:

These comments may play well in the General Electon but in Iowa? In South Carolina? Rudy better hope he doesn’ flame out before Super-Duper Tuesday on February 5th when pro-Giuliani states like California and New Jersey come into the mix. The campaign has told me that there strategy here is to hang on for dear life until February 5th and then clean up. But do these comments on abortion push you over the edge on Rudy or do you care? How much baggage can Evangelicals take?

This is from David Brody of Pat Robertson’s CBN network.

Wait a second. What’s that, David? You don’t like it when people say that?

“Pat Robertson’s CBN,” Brody says in frustration. “We take that as a dig.”

Brody does work for Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network, and mostly he’s proud of that fact. But stereotypes are inevitable when you cover politics for a network run by a standard-bearer of the religious right. Brody, 42, has made it his mission to confound them.

By turning his blog into a sounding board for presidential candidates — testing their appeal to the much sought-after evangelical voter — Brody has turned CBN into an unlikely go-to source for political junkies, routinely cited by the mainstream media. In a breezy style with a dash of irreverence, he embraces some liberals and takes aim at some conservatives. That surprises people, and keeps them coming back; his blog, the Brody File, draws about 25,000 page views a month, triple last fall’s numbers.

Brody’s blog is here. Just thought I’d point it out since the LA Times brought it to my attention this morning. Evangelical Christians don’t seem to blog much on politics, which makes Brody a bit of a unique source. Use it wisely.