THOMPSON ON ABORTION….It turns out that rising conservative hero Fred Thompson has given some modestly equivocal answers about abortion in the past. Does this flip-floppery mean that he’s in trouble with the evangelical base? CBN’s David Brody thinks not:

I think at the end of the day these abortion incidents from the 1990’s probably don’t amount to much. Listen, the reality is Thompson was a 100% national Right to Life guy. His Planned Parenthood score was 0. Those numbers mean something….What I’m hearing is that Thompson is saying all the right things to certain religious leaders and they are taking to him. Watch for some notable names to get behind him by the end of the summer. Maybe before.

I figure Brody is probably about as close to a reliable voice of the evangelical base as we have, so for now I’ll take his word for it that this stuff isn’t going to hurt Thompson. But that doesn’t mean something else won’t. I suspect Republicans are sadly deluded if they think Thompson is going to be their savior this year.