PRINCE OF DARKNESS UPDATE….On Monday, Fred Thompson snagged the support of the National Right To Life Committee while Mitt Romney landed an endorsement by the California Republican Assembly. Ed Kilgore asks an interesting question:

Today’s news also makes me wonder if Robert Novak is losing his touch as an analyst of conservative Republican infighting. Just last week he did a column suggesting that Fred Thompson had profoundly, perhaps irreversibly, alienated right-to-lifers in an appearance on Meet the Press. Not so much, it appears. And about three weeks ago, he did anoher column documenting the deep satisfaction of California conservatives with Rudy Giuliani, his positions on abortion and gay rights notwithstanding. Wrong again, Batman.

Most references to Novak in the liberal blogosphere are of the form, “Sure, he’s an SOB, but he does have good sources in conservo-land.” So now what? He’s just an SOB full stop?

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