COMMENTING POLICY….I guess the topic du jour is whether we should have a blogger code of conduct. Spare me. But since comments are part of the latest go-around in this ever popular navel-gazing game, I thought I’d let everyone know my commenting rule. I only have one. Here it is:

If I or my moderators get sufficiently annoyed with you, we will delete your comments. If you don’t like it, tough.

That said, I’ll add that I believe a free-ranging comment section, warts and all, is a valuable thing to have. Using the kind of language deployed around millions of water coolers every day doesn’t bother me, and neither I nor the site moderators are easily annoyed. Still, our patience isn’t unlimited.

(On the flip side, of course, is this: if the comments here or anywhere else are too strident for your taste, then don’t read them. Sheesh.)

So that’s that. Now, which ISO committee do I apply to to have this rule made into an international standard?

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