BUYING THE WAR….PBS’s Bill Moyers Journal is returning to the air tonight with a 90-minute broadcast called “Buying the War.” It sounds well worth watching, and I especially want to highlight this:

Among the few heroes of this devastating film are reporters with the Knight Ridder/McClatchy bureau in D.C. Tragically late, Walter Isaacson, who headed CNN, observes, “The people at Knight Ridder were calling the colonels and the lieutenants and the people in the CIA and finding out, you know, that the intelligence is not very good. We should’ve all been doing that.”

This is something that’s common knowledge in the blogosphere, where Knight Ridder (now McClatchy) has been a daily must-read for years. Their DC and Baghdad bureaus don’t have the breadth of coverage of, say, the New York Times, but the stuff they do cover is almost always top notch. And their coverage of Iraq has been easily the most acute and prescient of any news organization. They well deserve being singled out on tonight’s show.

You can check local showtimes for “Buying the War” here. Definitely worth a look.