PRETTY FOR THE CAMERAS….Jim Henley vents a bit about the John Edwards haircut fiasco:

You know, if we had reporters in this country, they could actually find out the hair-care costs for all the candidates rather than just assuming that the one barbering bill that has come to light is unusual. If reporters want to huff that such work is beneath them, I’ll have to demand that they give me a break, by taking hostages if necessary. Not only is nothing beneath them, as they have repeatedly shown, it’s absurd to argue implicitly that candidate hair care costs are a big deal if the story happens to fall into your lap, but not a big enough deal to do actual work on.

Well, I don’t have the energy to do anything that close to real reporting, but I do know how much George Bush paid to have his face made up for TV appearances during the 2000 campaign. Or, rather, Stephanie Mencimer knows. Details here.

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