YUK YUK….The frat-boy-in-chief visited Albania this weekend. The topic at hand was independence for Kosovo:

“At some point in time, sooner rather than later, you’ve got to say, ‘Enough is enough — Kosovo is independent,’ ” Mr. Bush said….”In terms of a deadline, there needs to be one. It needs to happen.”

But on Sunday, Mr. Bush tried to backtrack when asked when that deadline might be. “First of all, I don’t think I called for a deadline,” Mr. Bush said, during a press appearance with Mr. Berisha in the courtyard of a government ministry building. He was reminded that he had.

“I did?” he asked, sounding surprised. “What exactly did I say? I said deadline? O.K., yes, then I meant what I said.” The reporters laughed.

Look, I’ll admit that my sense of humor has been stretched to the breaking point over the past few years. But is it really too much to ask the president of the United States to take his own policies seriously enough to actually know what they are?

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