JUST SHOOT ME….Words you hope never to hear at a Democratic debate:

And now, Tim Russert is going to take us into a segment on Social Security.

Time to switch channels to Jeopardy…..

UPDATE: OK, I stuck with it anyway. Hillary’s answer on Social Security wasn’t really very persuasive, but still, it was nice to hear both her and Obama flatly say that SS is not in any kind of crisis. Other miscellaneous observations:

  • Good riff from Joe Biden on Rudy Giuliani. Maybe Hillary will choose him as her running mate, and he’ll fulfill the traditional veep role of being the attack dog who says stuff the president herself can’t afford to say.

  • Tim Russert really needs to stop hauling out Bill Clinton quotes and trying to hang them on Hillary.

  • Yes, Bill (Richardson, that is), we know you’ve negotiated a bunch of stuff. The schtick is getting old, and frankly, I’m not sure it was even all that great a talking point in the first place.

  • I know that politicians live to talk, but I wonder if any of them realize that in a format like this, sometimes shorter is better. I’ll bet most listeners start to lose the plot at about the 45-second mark.

  • Was this the new, more aggressive Obama? Yes it was! I’d say he landed a few jabs, but nothing serious. He needs to work on his aggression skills.

  • On the other hand, the constant attacks did seem to keep Hillary back on her heels a bit. She was definitely even more ambiguous and turgid than usual.

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