ANNAPOLIS UPDATE….Speaking of foreign policy competence, here’s the latest on the Annapolis Mideast summit. It’s supposed to be held at the end of the month:

But no conference date has been set. No invitations have been issued. And no one really agrees on what the participants will actually talk about once they arrive at the Naval Academy for the meeting, which is intended to relaunch Bush’s stillborn “road map” plan to create a Palestinian state.

….”No one seems to know what is happening,” one senior Arab envoy said last week, speaking on condition of anonymity to avoid appearing out of the loop. “I am completely lost.”

….Even a senior administration official deeply involved in the preparations confided, before speaking off the record about his expectations: “I can’t connect the dots myself because it is still a work in progress.”

A one-day conference of 50 different countries is probably not likely to accomplish much anyway, but it would be nice if we could at least avoid too much embarrassment just in arranging the thing.

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