KEYBOARD UPDATE….Hooray! My new/old IBM keyboard arrived today, a vintage 1995 Model M complete with clicky-clacky buckling spring technology, never before opened until today. It’s noisy! Noisier (and with more of a hollow echo) than I remember, even. And big. None of this “space saver” stuff for us keyboard afficianados. Heavy too. They say you can kill a man with one of these things and then plug it in and blog about it within seconds. Plus the lettering on the keys can probably survive a nuclear blast. (Jim Fallows, take note.)

Luckily, I ordered a PS/2-to-USB adapter along with the keyboard itself, since my four-year-old Dell was decidedly unhappy with the native interface. Apparently they don’t make PS/2 interfaces the way they used to.

Anyway, these are the very first words this keyboard has ever typed, which makes you a part of history. In a few days I’ll let you know if it lives up to my memories. In the meantime, many thanks to the fine folks at for the excellent service.

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