THE RAT RACE….Ezra “Happy Z” Klein say that keeping up with the Joneses is making us all miserable:

But there’s an easy solution. Stop. Pull out of the competition. Seriously ask whether you want to continue trading away your time for your stuff. And that requires ignoring what your neighbors have. It requires shutting your eyes against short-term incentives and trying to remember what actually makes you happy, what you tend to remember when each year closes out. It requires keeping a little of that Thanksgiving litany in mind, even after the meal is forgotten and marshmallows and yams again seem an absurd combination.

Well. Ditch the marshmallows and yams? Take a break from the rat race? Reconnect with your fellow man? Is this what happens to products of the Irvine public school system after a few years in our nation’s capital? Hmmph.

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