WHO WILL BE THE FIRST TO RAT?….The Nation’s David Corn, who was the first to break the Plame story back in July, writes today about yesterday’s White House press briefing:

This was a weird situation. Here was McClellan telling the press corps that he and the White House had absolutely no information of their own on the Wilson leak, yet several reporters–including Novak–know exactly who called them to pass on the information on Wilson’s wife. These reporters, though, can only reveal the truth by ratting out a confidential source. As of yet, none of them have done so. In fact, several White House reporters with whom I spoke–who were not contacted by the leakers–had only guesses as to which White House aides might have orchestrated the Wilson leak. That is, the identity of the leakers has not yet become out-in-the-open scuttlebutt. But there are journalists–NBC’s Andrea Mitchell appears to be one–who can say definitively whether the White House was behind the leak.

Who will be the first?