WAS IT SCOOTER?….Eric Boehlert in Salon rounds up the evidence that one of the Plame leakers was Dick Cheney’s chief of staff, Scooter Libby. It’s fairly convincing, though of course there’s still nothing solid. It’s just a guessing game right now.

I’m a little surprised that more progress hasn’t been made yet. In a normal leak, you’ve got one leaker and one leakee, and as long they both keep their mouths shut the secret is safe. But in this case, not only do you have multiple leakers but there are apparently half a dozen reporters that they leaked to. And you just know that they’ve privately told friends, who have privately told other friends, so that by now half the journalists in Washington know who the culprits are.

And yet no one has made a definitive accusation. So here’s my suggestion: one of the reporters involved needs to stand up and do the right thing. One of you needs to tell us who the leakers are.

Not publicly, of course, heavens no. Death before dishonor and all that. Rather, one of you needs to secretly betray the journalism code of honor and give the names anonymously to some reporter for a small paper that everyone knows wasn’t involved in this. Since multiple reporters received the leak, no one will know who ratted, and if you pick some obscure but deserving young reporter to talk to you’ll be doing the future of journalism a favor without handing a scoop to a major rival.

Or, failing that, you could just call me. I can keep a secret, and my number is in the book.