NEW INFORMATION….Greg Miller of the LA Times provides another account of the new information that surfaced this summer about Iran’s nuclear bomb program:

According to current and former U.S. intelligence officials familiar with the matter, the information that surfaced this summer included intercepted conversations of Iranian officials discussing the country’s nuclear weapons program, as well as a journal from an Iranian source that documented decisions to shut it down.

….Officials declined to discuss the new intelligence publicly, citing the need to protect sources and methods. But current and former officials provided basic descriptions of it, saying that the intercepts were of a series of conversations involving an Iranian official “complaining in 2007 about the suspension of the military program in 2003.”

Another was described as a journal or diary by an Iranian “involved in the management of the military program,” a former official said. One source said the diary came from a defector, but other intelligence officials said that was not the case.

Just passing this along FYI.