HILLARY’S WIN….I have several reasons for being pleased with the results of tonight’s Democratic primary:

  • I’ve made three electoral predictions so far: that the eventual candidates would be Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton and that Iowa would turn out not to be as important as everyone thought. The first two are still pretty iffy, but at least I’m not going to be 0 for 3.

  • I really, really didn’t want Iowa to decide this thing. Really.

  • Hillary Clinton’s victory felt to me an awful lot like a repudiation of the mainstream pundits who spent the entire weekend first dumping all over her and then playing the “Hillary in tears” tape on practically a continuous loop yesterday. As Matt Yglesias said, “I don’t think pissing off Chris Matthews is a good enough reason to pull the lever for Clinton, but I can certainly understand the impulse.” Me too.

  • Hillary’s victory should amp up Andrew Sullivan into even greater feats of CDS hysterics than we’ve seen so far. If that’s possible. In any case, he seems to thrive on a state of constant agitation and stomach-churning nausea, so I figure Hillary’s victory is probably good for him.

  • There’s now a pretty good chance that, for the first time in my life, my vote in a Democratic primary will actually be meaningful. And it only took 30 years!

The next few weeks should be fun. Maddening, but fun.