McCAIN’S PROBLEM….Mark Steyn explains the reality on the ground to his fellow conservatives:

The real story of the night, when you look at their rallies and their turn-out numbers, is that the Dems have two strong candidates either of whom could lead a united party to victory. Forget the gaseous platitudes: in Dem terms, their choice on Super Duper Tuesday was deciding which candidate was Super Duper and which was merely Super. Over on the GOP side, it was a choice between Weak & Divisive or Weaker & Unacceptable. Doesn’t bode well for November.

That’s about the size of it. McCain may have won Super Tuesday, but Rush & Co. don’t like him, the South pretty clearly thinks he’s inadequate on the Bible-thumping front, and he continues to do weakly among self-described conservatives and catastrophically badly among those who say they’re “very conservative.” That’s a bummer for Republicans, isn’t it?

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