“VOICES FROM BEYOND”….In an apparent effort to keep me permanently gobsmacked, ABC News put the following headline on a blog post about Hillary Clinton’s latest campaign stop:

Clinton Hears Voices from Beyond: ‘Keep Going’

Speaking about her work in South Texas as an organizer for George McGovern’s 1972 presidential campaign, Clinton said two strong Texas women inspired her — Congresswoman Barbara Jordan and Texas Governor Ann Richards.

Clinton said they taught her about courage and determination. Then she suggested that she is hearing from them even as her campaign struggles to compete after a string of losses.

“I can hear their voices saying, ‘You keep going! You give the people a real choice about the future!’” she said at a campaign event.

Look. I know that campaign coverage can get mighty dull and the search for something resembling actual news can get pretty desperate. But seriously, folks, this is what we professional writers call a “figure of speech.” Hillary is not suggesting that she hears “voices from beyond.” OK?