RSS QUERY….I have a question for any RSS gurus out there: Is there a way to set up my RSS feed so that it doesn’t get published immediately? I’d like to have a 15-minute lag between the time I publish a post and the time the RSS feed becomes public.

Here’s why. I try to edit my posts fairly thoroughly before I publish them, but I frequently continue editing for a few minutes after a post goes up. Sometimes it’s to correct grammar and typos, sometimes it’s because it just looks different when I see it on the screen and I realize I’d like to say something a little differently. In any case, it’s not uncommon for me to continue editing a post for five or ten minutes after it first goes up.

But the RSS feed often goes out immediately, which means it doesn’t match the post that’s actually on the blog. I suppose one might say that I should just be more careful about editing and proofreading in Movable Type before I hit the Save button, but I’m just never going to achieve a level of total MT perfection. So: does anyone know if there’s a way to delay the RSS feed a few minutes?

UPDATE: By the way, as long as I’m mentioning our RSS feed, here it is:

This is a full RSS feed, not a preview feed.

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