THE CLINTONS’ MONEY….Mickey Kaus wants answers about the Clinton family dough:

The press is focused on where all that money ($109 million) came from. Fair enough. But where did it all go? This seems like a genuine mystery. It’s not as if the Clinton’s live especially lavishly, or own huge estates. It’s not like Bill has to pay for all his hotels and travel. The Clintons only gave about $44 million to the IRS and to charities (including their own). Where’s the rest of it? If it’s all invested, what is it invested in? Green companies pursuing sustainable growth and living wages? Or hedge funds seeking the highest returns? And assuming it’s invested, what are they going to do with it later?

I don’t get it. Have we ever asked this about any previous presidential candidate? Reagan? Bush Sr.? Bush Jr.? Kerry? (Actually, that’s a genuine question. Have we?) In any case, Hillary already has to file an annual financial disclosure form with the Senate, and the 2006 form shows that the bulk of the Clinton family fortune is invested in Citibank deposit accounts and a qualified blind trust. The 2007 form will be disclosed in a couple of months. What more is there to know? Or are we just making up special rules for the Clintons?