ARIZONA…. Last week, in an embarrassing turn of events, the McCain campaign and the Republican National Committee launched a round of robocalls in Arizona. A week later, they’re still going.

Reader B.R. emails:

I just got a robocall from McCain on my work line a few minutes ago. Talking about terrorists, and the Joe Biden “test” crap.

I’m in Scottsdale, AZ.

So, while voters are literally at the polls, McCain and the RNC are still sinking resources into solidifying support in Arizona.

It’s more anecdotal evidence, but Jonathan Martin posts a picture taken at a south Phoenix polling place, with very long lines. The reader told him, “Heavily Democratic and with a large African-American and Latino population. No one in line can remember seeing this many people waiting! And this is definitely Obama territory.”

I seriously doubt Arizona will be a nail-biter, but it looks like a state to keep an eye on.

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