TUESDAY’S MINI-REPORT…. Today’s edition of quick hits:

* After a couple of good sessions, Wall Street had a rough day, with the Dow dropping another 242 points.

* Blagojevich’s lawyer said the governor isn’t going to resign.

* Obama said he was “saddened and sobered” by this morning’s developments, and added that he was “not aware of what was happening” when it came to Blagojevich’s conduct.

* Did Rahm Emanuel tip off federal investigators on Blagojevich’s corruption?

* Harry Reid doesn’t want Blagojevich involved with filling the Senate vacancy.

* The state legislature in Illinois is moving forward, quickly, with a plan to convert the Senate appointment into a special election. Impeachment talk also abounds.

* It’s a real shame this got buried today, but Obama, Biden, and Gore apparently had a good discussion this afternoon about global warming.

* Change to Win says it never considered any deals with Blagojevich, and similarly, the SEIU insists it was not involved with any wrongdoing.

* NYT: “The five Guantanamo detainees charged with coordinating the Sept. 11 attacks told a military judge on Monday that they wanted to confess in full, a move that seemed to challenge the government to put them to death. The request, which was the result of hours of private meetings among the detainees, appeared intended to undercut the government’s plan for a high-profile trial while drawing international attention to what some of the five men have said was a desire for martyrdom.”

* The Pentagon was told about the IED threat in Iraq before the invasion began, but didn’t take the warnings seriously.

* Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain has dropped his request for a $10 million bonus. Good move.

* And, as expected, Freedom’s Watch will shut its doors at the end of the month.

Anything to add? Consider this an open thread.

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