Dear Web Advertising People …

Dear web advertising people,

You know those animated thingos you’ve recently started putting on pages I visit? The dancing Wii remote that absolutely nothing can turn off, and that consistently blocks content at any number of otherwise wonderful web sites (cough, TPM, cough cough)? The bunch of rockets that just shot themselves across a NYT article I was reading?

They’re very annoying. They prevent me from reading what I want to read. Moreover, because they’re so hyperactive, it’s usually pretty hard to tell what they’re an advertisement for. The Wii remote is pretty clear, but only because I already know what a Wii remote looks like. Who sent the rockets streaking across my NYT article? And why? I have no idea.

And that means that they’re pretty bad advertising. The fact that they move around on top of my content does get my attention. But if I can’t tell what they’re supposed to make me buy, they cannot be working as ads, just as total annoyances.

They don’t work for me. They don’t work for you. Please make them go away. Thanks,