A CONVERSATION ON INNOVATIVE ENTREPRENEURSHIP…. In the previous issue of the Washington Monthly, we had a special report on entrepreneurship. The New America Foundation will host a discussion on this on Monday at their D.C. offices, from 12:15-1:30 p.m. A live webcast will be available for people who cannot attend the event.

Here’s information from the invitation:

Will the next economic recovery be a jobs-producing boom like the 1990s, or an employment bust, as many economists now fear? The answer will largely come down to the state of small business, the source of nearly all net job growth in the U.S. economy for decades.

So what can Washington do now to open up new opportunities for America’s cutting-edge entrepreneurs? The answer is, plenty. In fact, it is at times of crisis that presidents have the most political leeway to make the bold moves that lead to future growth. Lincoln built the transcontinental railroad during the Civil War. FDR extended electric power throughout the nation in the midst of the Great Depression. These projects transformed American life, making possible huge gains in productivity and the creation of whole new industries. They were the platforms of growth in their day. It’s time we built the platforms that are right for our day–from high-speed broadband to a universal health care system that gives entrepreneurs the safety net they need to take risks.

Please join the New America Foundation and Washington Monthly for a spirited conversation on innovative entrepreneurship.

The featured speakers include Paul Glastris, the Washington Monthly‘s Editor-in-Chief; Robert Litan, Vice President for Research and Policy at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation; Monthly editor Mariah Blake; and Wired senior editor and NAF Fellow Nicholas Thompson. The discussion will be moderated by David Gray, director of the New America Foundation’s Workforce and Family Program.

You can RSVP for the event here.

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