DEM’S OFFICE DEFACED BY SWASTIKA…. Rep. David Scott (D) of Georgia hosted a contentious town-hall meeting last week. When right-wing activists tried to disrupt the event, Scott blasted them for trying to “hijack” the gathering.

This only enraged conservatives more, prompting Glenn Beck to blast the lawmaker on his show on Monday. On Monday night, someone expressed their concerns by painting a four-foot swastika on a sign at Scott’s district office in Smyrna, Ga.

Jennifer Wright, a spokeswoman for Mr. Scott, said … the F.B.I., Capitol Police and the Smyrna Police Department had all been informed about the swastika.

Mr. Scott, who is black, told Fox News on Tuesday that the vandalism was “very unfortunate,” adding “I just feel very bad about it — I really feel bad about the person who did it.”

Mr. Scott, who is a member of both the Blue Dog Democrats and the Congressional Black Caucus, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Monday that he was concerned that the debate over health care reform was becoming racially tinged. Some opponents of health care reform, he said, “are bringing [in] race — and ‘Negro’ and ‘colored’ and Obama” when contacting his office.

The congressman is optimistic that the vandalism was captured on film — his district office is located in a bank building with surveillance cameras.

The Weekly Standard responded to the incident, not with condemnations, but with accusations. The Weekly Standard‘s John McCormack argued the swastika may have been painted by a liberal to generate sympathy for Scott. “[G]iven the fact that the Nazi imagery so neatly dovetails with the left’s smearing of health-care protesters as fascists, isn’t it more likely that this act of vandalism was committed by one of Scott’s supporters?” McCormack asked.

In other words, the Weekly Standard doesn’t have any substantive reasons or evidence to suggest the crime was a hoax. It’s just that right-wing thugs have been acting like right-wing thugs, so maybe the swastika is a fraud. Or something.

A spokesperson for the congressman responded, “Personally I think it’s funny that [McCormack] thinks a David Scott supporter put the swastika on the sign.”

Yes, the Weekly Standard is just a laugh riot.

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