It was bound to happen eventually.

A new website offers students a statistical program in which they can plug in information to determine whether or not it’s a good idea to skip class.

Lazy or overworked students can enter information about how often the class occurs, previous attendance, and the availability of outside notes. The program then spits out recommendations like,

It is SAFE to skip class. You should be able to skip class no problem. By the way, you have already skipped 0% of this semester’s classes. Your next test or quiz is 32 days away.

This website appears to be of somewhat limited usefulness. Isn’t it fairly obvious, based on what occurs in class, whether or not the class is worth attending on a daily basis?

Note to uses of this website: definitely don’t skip that statistics class.

Check out the SkipClassCalculator here.

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Daniel Luzer is the news editor at Governing Magazine and former web editor of the Washington Monthly. Find him on Twitter: @Daniel_Luzer