DEPARTMENT OF POTS AND KETTLES…. Back in April, CNN Rick Sanchez had an unfortunate moment on the air in which he said Iceland is “too cold to have a volcano.” He may have been kidding — it’s hard to tell — but it obviously wasn’t one of Sanchez’s best moments.

Yesterday, deranged media personality Glenn Beck aired the months-old clip of Sanchez’s mistake, using it as evidence to argue that Sanchez is “the dumbest man ever on television.”

For the record, Sanchez generally isn’t my cup of tea, and his volcano joke was pretty foolish, so I’m not inclined to offer much of a defense. But for Glenn Beck to describe anyone on television as dumb is just astounding. It’s the equivalent of Sarah Palin accusing someone of being ignorant. Or Mark Kirk* accusing someone of exaggerating their personal background. Or David Vitter accusing someone of lacking character and integrity. Or Sharron Angle accusing someone of being a lunatic.

George Zornick highlights a few of Beck’s greatest hits.

* Beck reveals that President Obama is an “oligarh

* Beck also misspells “heroes” and “villains” live on-air.

* Beck plays Connect Four against himself, and cheats.

* Beck displayed a graphic demonstrating that Silas from “The Da Vinci Code” is a member of ACORN.

Beck said of Sanchez, “I honestly don’t know how the man ties his own shoes.” If I had a nickel for every time I’ve had the same thought about Beck, I could retire wealthy.

* fixed

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