More in Ivy drug sales gone horribly awry: according to a piece by Maureen O’Connor in Gawker, on Monday December 21, police arrested a Cornell student for selling heroin. As O’Connor writes:

An English major and transfer student from Rutgers, [Cornell senior] Keri [Blakinger] was arrested in an Ithaca parking lot with a Tupperware container of $150,000 worth of uncut heroin in her hand, which she admitted to cops belonged to her. This constitutes $150,000 worth of merchandise, making Keri’s arrest the second biggest drug bust in the Ithaca Police Department’s history.

Heroin, really. In a Tupperware container. This one, I’m afraid, exits the “unfortunate” column and moves over into the “sordid” one. It’s going to be really hard to fix this one. As one reader commented on the Gawker article, “Sheesh. She had to pick one of only two Ivies that are subject to Rockefeller drug laws. If you want to sell smack, honey, go to Brown.”

In fact, of the three drug busts at Ivy schools this month, two have occurred at colleges in New York State. New Yorkers are still subject to aspects of the Rockefeller drug laws, the term for what were once the toughest drug laws in the United States. The 1973 laws are named for Nelson Rockefeller, who was governor of the state at the time.

Somewhat ironically, the other December drug bust occurred at Dartmouth College, the school Rockefeller actually attended from 1926 to 1930. Dartmouth students, as residents of New Hampshire, generally face much more lenient punishments for drug possession. [Image via]

Daniel Luzer

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