Apparently Tyra Banks, the model, actress, occasional singer, and “media personality” responsible for America’s Next Top Model, is going to graduate school.

Despite the fact that Banks doesn’t appear to have actually graduated from college, Amy Odell writes in New York Magazine that Banks,

Is enrolled at THE most fashionable business school — Harvard! HBS students have seen a woman “who looks just like Tyra Banks” in campus dining halls, a source tells us; meanwhile, Tyra has been tweeting photos of herself wearing an HBS sweatshirt and with some dudes who seem to be her HBS classmates. “Enriching my mind with these amazing buddies! They are sooooo intelligent! Geniuses!!!” she tweeted. Banks is enrolled in one of the school’s Executive Education programs, which is not the full two-year, soul-sucking, scary-competitive MBA program, but courses consisting of roughly a couple weeks and costing a lot of money, naturally. Banks is in the two-week owner/president/management program, tuition for which is $31,000.

I really have nothing to add to this. [Image via]

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