Because, apparently, the actual acceptance or rejection letter isn’t enough, the University of Pennsylvania now has a website devoted to whether or not a candidate is “likely” to be admitted.

According to a piece by Caitlin Brown at Ivy Gate:

Over 200 lucky high school seniors recently received an email from the University of Pennsylvania admissions office suggesting that they check out “,” where they would find more information about their coveted status as a likely letter recipient. (For those of you who do not spend your time reading college blogs: likely letter = you’re in.)

Or something. The whole thing seems rather confusing. High school students who got the email were not actually admitted, but were instructed to go to this website. The strangely anonymous Penn portal informed students that,

The Office of Admissions is excited to recognize your accomplishments and potential to contribute to the intellectual and social vitality of the Penn community. For these reasons, you have been designated as a LIKELY candidate for admission to the University of Pennsylvania.

Students, however, aren’t actually admitted yet. They won’t know the official answer until March 30.

Wow, Penn. How about just issuing a letter when you’ve made a decision? Stop jerking people around. [Image via]

Daniel Luzer

Daniel Luzer is the news editor at Governing Magazine and former web editor of the Washington Monthly. Find him on Twitter: @Daniel_Luzer